Sweet Potato Loaf

January used to be a time to recover from the holiday calamities, but not in this family. January = Birthday season for us! Offspring #1 turned 15 this month, #2 hit the 9 month mark. Anyways, all that is to say, I’m just now squeaking out time to post my baking results.


I didn’t have as much luck with the bread as I’d hoped, mostly due to the lack of a potato ricer. The color didn’t come out like some of the other bakers, either, but I still liked it (proprietary interest will do it every time).


What I like most about this bake-along is that I learn something new every time. Whether it’s how to do a cold rise, a four-strand braid, adding exotic (for bread) ingredients, or just making a habit of weighing my ingredients. So I’m going to put this loaf down as a win because gosh darnit, it’s pretty darn cool to add sweet potato and get a pretty, golden loaf out of the deal!


After this, I’m definitely hitting my Amazon wishlist up for a potato ricer and some loaf pans…


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