Caramel Sticky Buns

Man oh man are these decadent buns dangerous, in the best of ways.


I’m coming to love working with brioche. It smells heavenly when mixing up and also when rising, and it’s just a fun dough to work with overall. The best part about these sticky buns, though, is – let’s be honest – the OMGthisisheaven caramel.


I’ve never made caramel before and was kind of excited to see if I could make a success of it. Rose’s recipe was so straightforward that even I couldn’t mess it up. And even better was getting to use my brand new AllClad Saucier pan (thank you, Mom!) to make it. I was having so much fun creating caramel (and tasting it).


It’s so creamy and delicious that Offspring #1 and her best friend immediately took over the kitchen and made their own batch because I wouldn’t let them abscond with mine. That is high praise, I think!


Because we’re not huge raisin fans, I omitted them from the recipe but still made up the syrup to use.


I’ve never made a roll-up bread before, so I got a kick out of doing this part too. And using dental floss to slice up perfect rolls.


To paraphrase Taylor Swift, I knew these sticky buns were trouble when they walked in. The smell alone as it permeated my kitchen was enough to make my mouth water. So I culled a few for the family, sliced off a smidgen of a corner for myself, and promptly took these into my husband’s work so the deputies could devour the calories instead of me. They were gone before I could leave the building!



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