The Southern Belle


What a way to celebrate summer. Here is a lovely and lighter-than-air dessert with tasty peaches, rich whipped cream, and classic Genoise sponge cake soaked in juices.


Unfortunately the peaches I bought at the store were on the smaller side, so it was less of a blossom design and more abstract-mosaic but it didn’t affect the taste any.


Genoise is a new cake experience for me, and thanks to my mom’s experiences, I knew to watch out for the dreaded flour balls that popped up when incorporating wet and dry ingredients.


It’s kind of fun to make the little well in the middle of the cake to fill with amazing juicy syrup and your peach flower design. Plus it gives you excess cake to nibble on!


Since you have to put it back in the oven to broil the peaches, Rose recommends a little protection by aluminum foil to prevent over=browning or burning the cake.


This recipe would be great for a small party or gathering, or a family meal. It’s on the smaller side and very light without the whipped cream. With the cream, it becomes heaven on a plate.



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